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Titan Security Doors

Titan Security Doors

By Unique Home Design

Security Screen Doors

Adding a Titan Security Door to your home is one of the most versatile improvements you can make.

Titan Security Doors Southern California

Titan Security Doors add:


  • Deters break-in attempts and kick ins
  • Resists burglar tools


  • Open your door in safety
  • Contains kids and pets
  • Provides a critter and insect barrier 🙂

Energy Savings

  • Allows cross ventilation without compromising security or safety
  • Reduces direct sunlight and radiant heat

Weather Protection

  • Protects exterior door finish from the elements
  • Provides a barrier to airborne storm debris

Strength and Durability

  • Architectural alloy construction up to 6x stronger than steel
  • Completely impervious to rust!

Curb appeal

  • 40 architecturally and regionally inspired designs
  • 12 popular colors

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Titan Security Doors

40 Different Designs

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Titan security door

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Security Doors

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Titan Security Doors

Your current doors remain – Titan Security Screen Doors install over your doors

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Titan Security Screen Door

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Titan Security Doors

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Titan Security Door Colors

Security Doors

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Meshtec Security Door

Titan Security Doors by Unique Home Design models

Biltmore, Chili Ristra, Classic French, Elegante, Dear Meadow, Essex, Folkstone, French Hummingbird, Garland, Halcyon, Guardsman, Harvard, Harbour Beacon, Heart of Texas, Lizard Bar, Leeds, Longfellow, Manchester, Martini, Matrix, Modern Trellis, Modern Cross, Nottingham, Nogales, Plain Bar, Playa, Prosperity, Quail Covey, Queen Mary, Seychelles, Sail Away, Sheraton, Spaniard, Stencil, Sunfire, Texas Star, Winchester, Trellis, Windwall, Yale, Full View Meshtec