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Plastpro fiberglass doorsPlastpro front doors are an innovative new alternative to traditional wood door frames. After extensive research and development, Plastpro has formulated a full length PVC door frame that combines all the strength and convenience of wood door frames with enhanced properties that make it moisture and insect resistant. Your Plastpro rot-free PVC door frame will last years after your neighbors’ wooden frames deteriorate.

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Plastpro composite frame option:

Plastpro PF Frames will never absorb moisture, splinter, rot like wood, or rust like metal door frames.  PVC door frames can be machined the same way as traditional wood door frames but have twice the screw holding power of wood.

Plastpro PF Frames are also available for Arch Top and Radius Top doors. They are the only manufacturer to offer full length, rot-free composite Arch and Radius door frames in the building industry.

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