Front Entry Doors Beaumont

Front Entry Doors Beaumont

Front Entry Doors for your home in Beaumont. Fiberglass doors provide several advantages over traditional wood and metal doors. New technology simulates the grain of real wood allowing Fiberglass doors to be finished to look like wood, making them difficult to differentiate between them. They perform better with climate.

Fiberglass Doors that look like wood

  • Low-maintenance material
  • Real wood like finishing
  • Excellent protection against dents (steel dents)
  • Can be painted easily
  • Fiberglass doors are filled with insulating foam, offering better insulating properties than wood doors

Wood doors can warp, twist and crack over time.  Fiberglass doors will never warp or rot in humid climates or cold conditions. Wood doors are  continually in need of refinishing and protection from the elements. Fiberglass entry doors need almost no maintenance, even less maintenance than steel doors. Eventually, despite technology’s best efforts, steel doors will start to rust if they are not cared for. A lot can be done to inhibit rusting but you still need to maintain steel doors to keep them in like-new condition.

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As far as energy efficiency is concerned, you can get thermally insulated versions of wood, steel or fiberglass entry doors. But fiberglass doors usually offer more cold weather advantages. Steel is a very bad heat insulator. If it is cold outdoors, you will be able to feel it on the inside of most steel doors. You may even get condensation forming on the inside of a steel door. Wood doors simply don’t respond well to humidity and temperature changes. Sometimes wood doors warp and bow to the point where you have trouble closing them.When properly installed, fiberglass doors offer superior security. Your entry door is only as secure as its frame, but composite door frames have twice the screw-holding power of wood. Additionally, fiberglass doesn’t deteriorate over time like doors manufactured from steel or wood. Homeowners never have to worry about repairing rusted-out areas on fiberglass doors or replacing them because they’ve deteriorated from rot.

Fiberglass door finish

PreHung Doors:

When it is time to replace and upgrade your door, your best bet is going to be a prehung door unit. A prehung door simply means that the door is already mounted onto new frame material with new hinges and a new threshold.

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